Head Click - Alpha Release & Roadmap

Hello world!

The alpha version of Head Click was released today, June 10th, 2018. Feel free to try it out here.

This post outlines the current features, missing features, and major bugs. If you want a more general overview of what Head Click does, see this post

The current state of Head Click

Current Features

  • Set up a profile with your desired mouse sensitivity, mouse DPI, and resolution using our wizard.
  • Get recommended settings for a few games, including:
    • Fortnite
    • Overwatch
    • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
    • Rainbow Six Siege
    • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • Override your desired sensitivity and hardware for individual games.
  • Select different options for how you want your games to feel, such as using a custom field-of-view, or tuning the
  • See the actual output for standard ("hip fire") aiming, as well as how it changes in-game with different sights or characters.
  • Fully responsive layout works on desktop, tablets, and smartphones.

Missing Features

  • The mouse sensitivity recommended is currently a generic value and not actually dependant on the games you pick during the wizard.
  • Your profile is cached locally. Using a different browser, user, or device will require you to generate a new profile.
  • Many popular games are still missing from the database.
  • There are no stats or averages to compare your own sensitivity to.
  • Illustrations for splash page and wizard are just placeholders for now.

Crappy stuff

  • The dashboard layout is weird
  • There's few instructions / no tutorial as everything is subject to change.
  • Need to make blog post explaining how to set or find DPI for mice. Currently assuming everyone has and knows how to tune gaming mice.
  • Formatting issues on this blog. Haven't finished modifying a template.


  • PUBG calculations are slightly off and need to be reworked.

The road to beta

In the coming months, several major features will be added, at which point Head Click will officialy enter beta:

  • Profiles can be saved to the cloud.
    • Users will be able to create an account via Head Click, or use other common federated services such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc
    • The current plan is to also allow quick one-time profile saving behind a generated URL, which can be quickly bookmarked or shared for reference.
  • More games will be added
    • The hope is to have the 12 most popular games in our database.
    • Depending on how complicated or opaque the aiming system is in a particular game, it can take many hours to reverse engineer it.
  • Stats for professional players and streams, or averages of all players, will be available for comparison.


If you notice any issues with Head Click, or want to send general suggestions, feel free to shoot an email to info@head.click

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