Head Click - Beta Release & Roadmap

The beta for Head Click was on 08/18/2018. Check it out at https://head.click

This post outlines the current features, missing features, and major bugs. If you want a more general overview of what Head Click does, see this post

What's new

  • Added account system, including validation and password reset. Profiles are stored in the cloud, as well as cached locally.
  • Cleaned up profiler, added graphics + additional questions.
  • The profiler now actually calculates the recommended sensitivity based on game style, mousepad size, and movement comfort level.
  • Miscellaneous graphical and useability improvements.

What's still missing

  • A ton of popular games. I've done the math for a bunch of games like Destiny 2, Black Ops 4 (from the recent beta), etc, but I haven't added them yet.
  • Still don't have mouse sensitivity stats for professional players or major streamers.
    • Since sensitivity (cm/360) is just a random number, it would be nice to have some context for how people who excel at certain games / roles have theirs set. For example, if you main Mcree in Overwatch, it would be nice to see "Mcree mains in Overwatch League have an average sensitivity of __".
  • No account page or ability to change password outside of forgotten password reset.
  • No way to view other user's profiles. Some people may want to share what their exact setup is. There are URLs to share your profile, but it doesn't lead to anything currently.

Upcoming changes

The layout of the site is a little funky. I need to make it less of an "app" and more of a proper site. Game info shouldn't be locked behind creating a profile or logging in. And adding games to your library is a bit odd.

I want to make it so the sidebar has the 5 most popular games at the moment, and lets you browse to game pages directly + add them to a "favorites" list after. This will be a gradual change as I add more features.

The current splash page should probably just be replaced with the dashboard, sans user-specific info, and the dashboard should have more focus on the blog and links to games.

The little tutorial at the end of the profiler is wordy and too much to remember. It should be added to the dashboard as something you can dismiss.


Please consider taking a few minutes fill out our feedback survey, it's super helpful at this stage of development!

If you notice any issues with Head Click, or want to send general suggestions, feel free to shoot an email to info@head.click

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