How to configure your mouse for Black Ops 4 / Blackout

Treyarch is jumping on the bandwagon and adding a Battle Royale mode to Black Ops 4, the first major addition to the Call of Duty formula since Zombies. If you want to be the last person standing, you'll need to be able to strategize, think quickly, coordinate with your squad, and aim perfectly.

What settings to use

The easiest way to figure out what settings to use is with Head Click. Just use our profiler if you haven't yet, add the game to your library, and use the in-game settings listed on the Black Ops 4 page. The rest of this blog will go more in-depth as to what the settings do.


Black Ops 4 followed Destiny 2 in using the exact same sensitivity settings as Overwatch. Effectively, all shooters on use the exact same sensitivity calculations.

If you don't want to use our profiler, you can just play with this until it feels right. Also, what you set your sensitivity to is dependant on your DPI. Read our guide on how to configure your DPI if you're not sure how to.

ADS Mouse Sensitivity

This setting affects your zoom when aiming down any sight and has two options: Relative and Legacy.

Relative uses a system similar to Counter-Strike and Battlefield 1's Uniform Soldier Aiming, which tries to keep your aim consistent within a central screen space at every level of zoom (defined in the Relative ADS Sensitivity Coefficient setting).

Legacy uses slightly higher sensitivies when zooming in.

We recommend Relative because the uniform aiming feels better.

Relative Sensitivity Multipliers

Keep the horizontal and vertical multipliers at the default of 1.00

Relative ADS Sensitivity Coefficient

Keep this at 1.33. It tells the uniform aiming model to use the middle 75% of a widescreen monitor (equivalent to a 4:3 display) as the central square to normalize aiming at different zoom levels.

Setting this to 0 also makes the relative option exactly the same as legacy.

This setting changed from the first Black Ops 4 beta. It used to be in percent format, and the previous default was 75%.

Mouse Acceleration

Always disable mouse acceleration in any game you play. For this game, you can do this by setting it to 0.00.

Mouse Filtering

This option filters the raw input from your mouse to get rid of jitters. We want the most precise control possible, so always keep this at 0.

Field of View

This is how many degress of horizontal visibility you have with a 16:9 monitor.

We always recommend setting your horizontal FOV to 106, which we hold as a universal standard for visibilty and comfort. Black Ops 4 actually allows you to set your FOV that high, unlike the other shooters on (Overwatch caps at 103, for example).

You can set your FOV slightly higher if you want to see more around you, but the screen warping effect can be disorienting past 106.

ADS Field of View

Affected uses your base field-of-view (FOV) setting to modify the actual zoom amount on each sight. So if you have a FOV setting of 106 degrees (like we recommend), a 2x scope will zoom your view to roughly 53 degrees.

Independent uses the preset zoom level for each sight, which is based off the more narrow default FOV. Therefore, if you use our suggested FOV of 106, legacy will actually give all the sights a slightly more powerful zoom.

We feel Affected makes for a less jarring transition to iron or reflex sights in close quarters fights, but you can choose independent if you really want the more powerful zoom.

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